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From the cartoons given above, s leading to food safety are as folloaterials in the food manufacturing process; 2) adding toxic substances; 3) excessive use of food additives; 4) abusing of chemical additives and so on. There are many reasons that cause this problem. It is regulators, producers, and even consumers pt and strict measures should be t通俗点说,ent should launch a massive moral campaign to educate all citizens and dra from entering the food industry again. I am firmly convinced that through our combined efforts ore risk-free foods in the days ahead.







With the gropo, an increasing number of people pay close attention to competition. Hopetition is all around us, cooperation is also an essential part of the society in onious and organized ents in order to make the business run smoothly. Furthermore, feployers eone they believed could not . In addition, cooperation increases creativity. For instance, according to findings issued by many institutes, scientists selves cooperative tend to have more published articles than their competitive colleagues;cooperative businesspeople have higher salaries. From elementary grades to college, cooperative students have higher salaries; from elementary grads to college, cooperative students have higher grade point averages.

Cooperation is as old as the human race itself. Since a cooperative spirit is important to survive and succeed, I believe that it should receive high emphasis in this era.







From the cartoon given above, e submitted by the candidate, the interviee looks good, but you only have a Masters degreeAll the other applicants are Ph.D. ! Having heard these s to be quite helpless and embarrassed.


The cartoon reveals that the society has been placing a higher value on educational degree. What factors might contribute to this phenomenon? Ansay involve many aspects, and here are a fe the subjective aspect, quite a feployers hold that the higher educational degree people have, the more competent they the objective aspect, odern society becoming increasingly segmented, employees are required to acquire higher degree to fulfill their tasks efficiently.


Definitely, higher degrees enjoy obvious advantages. Hoployers judge a person only by his/ her educational backgrounds. Let alone Degree Discrimination. As for ourselves, portance to educational degree, but also spare no efforts to enhance our comprehensive abilities.




When it comes to the topic of happiness, the opinions of people usually distinguish from each other, ong the public concerning the s, but the ability to deal . I personally agree that the ability to cope plications in. Life is the right path of pursuing happiness.

当谈到幸福的话题时,人们通常会区别开来,这就引起了公众对实现幸福的途径的热烈讨论。俗话说:我觉得是会因人而异的。WWW.longgang my perspective, to begin ism could perform an essential character. According to a survey conducted in certain institution in China, the percent of people istic attitudes far outing dilemmas, thus having better opportunity to ach

ieve the sense of happiness.


In addition, in terms of the society, certain institutions in China should launch relevant campaigns to strengthen the emphasis putting on the resolving of a problem, not the ay be a long run, these methods of coping s could definitely contribute to happiness in our consistent efforts.


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